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Chintai launched climate action tokenization initiatives with DNZ

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

On Oct 12, 2023, Chintai announced its strategic collaboration with DNZ Venture Global, a provider of decarbonization solutions and net-zero strategies. The collaboration sees DNZ select the Chintai platform as its platform of choice for its Climate Action Tokenization efforts, including carbon credits. During the event, tokenization pilot projects were demonstrated to highlight the benefits of using the Chintai platform.

With Chintai as DNZ's ecosystem partner, the collaboration aims to provide existing and future initiatives with expertise in tokenization of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) projects, enabling companies to access new avenues of financing and innovation. The Chintai platform will then be leveraged to tokenize these projects by issuing Climate Action Tokens. Buyers and sellers can interact directly and transact securely on Chintai's blockchain platform.

Chintai CEO, David Packham, was at the event and said, "It's great to be working hand-in-hand with DNZ, who can leverage the strengths of our platform to scale its growth with tokenization. While our regulated platform is designed for various industries, climate change will impact us all, so it's exciting to see it used for sustainable initiatives so early on."

As part of the launch, Chintai CTO Philip Hamnett narrated virtually from Frankfurt the live demonstration of an end-to-end tokenization process from issuance, listing and trading of tokens on the Chintai blockchain network. He also highlighted the built-in compliance engine features and the user-centric process with the DNZ CTO Jason Lee, who is on-site in Singapore.

DNZ Co-Founder, Danny Pang mentioned, "Chintai is the ideal blockchain platform for us because it's regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. It has a robust risk framework and technology for digital assets, which is vital for our clients.'". He added, "Chintai's white labelling solution enables DNZ to expand our business with tokenization of clients' projects.". This collaboration will also cover the Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Malaysia, The Philippines, and Vietnam.

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