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Privacy Policy

The purpose of this document ("Privacy Policy") is to inform you about how DNZ CLIMATETECH PTE. LTD. (DNZ) manages personal data, which is subject to the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act (No. 26 of 2012) ("the PDPA") and other applicable data protection laws, including the European Union ("EU") General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") where applicable. Please take a moment to read this Personal Data Policy so that you understand the purposes for which we collect, use, and disclose your personal data.

By interacting with us, accessing our websites, submitting information to us (whether through our websites or otherwise), or signing up for any products or services offered by us, you consent to DNZ, as well as our respective agents (collectively referred to herein as "DNZ", "us", "we", or "our"), collecting, using, disclosing, and sharing amongst ourselves your Personal Data, and disclosing such Personal Data to the Group's authorized service providers and relevant third parties as outlined in this Personal Data Policy.

This Policy complements but does not replace any previous consent you may have given to DNZ, nor does it affect any legal rights DNZ may have regarding the collection, use, or disclosure of your Personal Data. DNZ may update this Policy periodically to ensure its consistency with our future developments, industry trends, and any changes in legal or regulatory requirements. Subject to your legal rights, you agree to be bound by the current terms of the Policy, as updated on our website ( Please check our website regularly for updated information on how we handle your Personal Data.

For clarity, this Personal Data Policy is a part of the terms and conditions governing your relationship with us ("Terms and Conditions") and should be read in conjunction with those Terms and Conditions.

1. Your Personal Data

1.1 What types of Personal Data do we collect?

1.2 In this Personal Data Policy, "Personal Data" refers to any information, whether true or not, about an individual who can be identified: (a) from that information; or (b) from that information and other data to which we have or may likely have access, including data in our records as updated from time to time.

1.3 Examples of such Personal Data you may provide include (depending on your interaction with us) your name, NRIC, passport or other identification number, date of birth, gender, nationality, contact numbers, residential and/or mailing addresses, email address, and any other information about yourself and others you may have provided through forms, interactions, or other means.


2. Collection of Personal Data

2.1 Generally, DNZ collects your Personal Data in the following ways:

2.1.1 when you submit forms related to our products or services;

2.1.2 when you register for or use our services on our websites or when you register as a member of our websites, or use services on such websites, or engage with our social media offerings (e.g., through our LinkedIn pages);

2.1.3 when you interact with our customer service, marketing, or leasing officers, including in-person meetings or telephone conversations;

2.1.4 when you use our services;

2.1.5 when you request that we contact you;

2.1.6 when contacted by and responding to our marketing representatives and agents;

2.1.7 when responding to our request for additional Personal Data;

2.1.8 when subscribing to or joining our email or other mailing lists;

2.1.9 when responding to our market surveys;

2.1.10 when entering into an agreement with us, including purchase options, sale and purchase agreements, leasing agreements, tenancy agreements, licensing agreements, or other occupancy agreements;

2.1.11 when we receive references from business partners and third parties;

2.1.12 when your images are captured by CCTV cameras within our premises or photographs/videos taken by us or our representatives at non-public events; and

2.1.13 when you provide your Personal Data to us for other reasons.

2.2 When browsing our websites, you typically do so anonymously, but refer to section 5 on "Use of Cookies" and section 6 on "IP Address."


2.3 If you provide us with any Personal Data about a third party (e.g., information about your spouse, children, parents, employees), you represent that you have obtained their consent for us to process their Personal Data as specified below.


3. How we use Personal Data and to whom we disclose it


3.1 Our business aims to understand and meet your needs, providing the services you require. To achieve this, we collect various personal data about you.


3.2 In general, DNZ collects, uses, and discloses your Personal Data for the following purposes:

3.2.1 providing requested products or services;


3.2.2 profiling, reviewing, developing, managing, and enhancing products and services;


3.2.3 communicating with you and addressing your queries, requests, and complaints;


3.2.4 providing ongoing information about relevant products and services;


3.2.5 handling disputes, conducting investigations and proceedings;


3.2.6 protecting and enforcing contractual and legal rights and obligations;


3.2.7 preventing, detecting, and investigating crime, including fraud and money laundering, and managing commercial risks;


3.2.8 managing business operations and complying with internal policies and procedures;


3.2.9 facilitating proposed or actual business transactions;


3.2.10 facilitating proposed or actual business assignments or transfers;


3.2.11 complying with rules, laws, regulations, codes of practice, or guidelines, and assisting in law enforcement and investigations;


3.2.12 purposes reasonably related to the above.

3.3 If you are a vendor, prospective vendor, contractor, or employee:


3.3.1 managing the outsourcing relationship;


3.3.2 conducting background checks and due diligence;


3.3.3 contacting you for emergencies;


3.3.4 processing payments of invoices and claims;


3.3.5 ensuring premises security; and


3.3.6 other purposes directly related to the above.


3.4 If you apply for employment:


3.4.1 processing your application, including checks;


3.4.2 obtaining employee references or other relevant references;


3.4.3 assessing suitability for the applied position;


3.4.4 organizing training and staff development;


3.4.5 assessing performance;


3.4.6 administering benefits and payroll;


3.4.7 providing tools for job-related tasks;


3.4.8 communication for DNZ policies and processes; and


3.4.9 purposes related to the above.

3.5 If you are an existing employee, refer to the separate "DNZ Employee Data Policy."

3.6 For all mentioned purposes, ensure submitted Personal Data is accurate, complete, and true. Failure to do so may impact our ability to provide requested products and services.

3.7 With your additional consent, DNZ may also use your Personal Data for:

3.7.1 subscribing you to our mailing list;


3.7.2 providing marketing and promotional information;


3.7.3 updates on business partners' and affiliates' products and services;


3.7.4 updates, news, survey requests, and promotions related to consented mall;


3.7.5 contests, competitions, lucky draws;


3.7.6 invitations to corporate events, feedback sessions, etc.;


3.7.7 making appointments and conducting visits; and


3.7.8 market research, customer feedback, special offers, and marketing programs.

3.8 In relation to specific products or services, we may notify you of other purposes we use your Personal Data for. We will adhere to these purposes unless otherwise notified.

3.9 We may collect, use, or disclose data for "legitimate interests" as per the PDPA, including evaluative purposes, recovery of debt, safety and security, fraud prevention, IT security, and corporate due diligence.

3.10 Your Personal Data will be confidential but may be disclosed, based on applicable law, to the following parties:

3.10.1 other Group divisions, affiliates, and companies;

3.10.2 agents, contractors, third-party service providers, and advisors;


3.10.3 third-party business partners;


3.10.4 insurers, credit providers, courts, authorities;


3.10.5 business partners, investors, assignees, transferees;


3.10.6 professional advisors;


3.10.7 government, regulatory, law enforcement authorities;


3.10.8 parties we assign or transfer rights to;


3.10.9 banks, credit card companies, and providers;


3.10.10 other parties consented by you, as specified.

4. Do Not Call (DNC) Provisions

4.1 If you provide your Singapore telephone number(s) and consent to receiving marketing information via such number(s), we may contact you using those numbers, even if they are registered with the DNC Registry. To opt-out, inform us in writing.


5. Use of Cookies

5.1 When interacting with us on our websites, information is received and recorded from your browser on our server logs. Cookies may be assigned to your computer to collect access information and statistics. Visit provided links for more details.

6 IP Address

6.1 An IP address is automatically assigned to your computer by your Internet Service Provider.

6.2 When visiting our website, your IP address is logged in our server. It helps analyze trends, administer the website, and track user movements. Your general geographic area may be identified. We will not pinpoint your exact location unless required by law.

7. Third-Party Sites

7.1 Our websites may link to third-party websites with separate privacy practices. We're not responsible for their privacy policies. Check the policies of third-party websites after leaving ours.


8. How to Contact Us


8.1 Contact DNZ at:

8.2 To process your request, provide your name and email/address. We'll forward you relevant forms for data access/correction.

8.3 For third-party provided Personal Data, request queries, complaints, and access through DNZ.

8.4 Withdrawn consent may affect our services. DNZ's legal rights are reserved.

9. Data Transfer

9.1 If sharing information across business entities is needed, steps ensure data protection during cross-border transfers.

10. Data Retention

10.1 Personal Data retention aligns with collected purposes: up to 7 years in most cases; up to 10 years for EU activities, unless law permits otherwise. After purposes, retention ceases.


11. Individual Rights

11.1 Under applicable data protection laws, rights include data access, rectification, deletion, objection, prevention of unwarranted damage/distress, information on automated decisions, and lodging complaints.

11.2 Withdrawing consent may impact services. Cost-free exercise of rights mandated by law; fees for others.

11.3 Contact our Data Protection Officer for inquiries and complaints.


12. DPO Appointment

12.1 Data Protection Officers oversee Personal Data management. Employee training ensures data confidentiality and compliance.

13. Policy Review

13.1 Periodic review and updates to the Policy ensure its relevance to laws, technology, operations, and business environment. English version prevails in inconsistencies.

14. Governing Law

14.1 Singapore laws govern this Personal Data Policy.

2023 © DNZ ClimateTech Pte. Ltd. All rights reserved.

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