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Solar Panels Technicians

Intelligent Energy Optimisation

Energy Optimisation

Our DNZ CASPIAN energy optimisation solutions are designed to help businesses achieve maximum efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint. We use state-of-the-art technology and expertise to help our clients reach their sustainability goals.

AI-IoT Inovative Solutions

Leveraging the power of IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence), we have successfully developed and commercialised CASPIAN, our AI-IoT energy monitoring & optimisation system, to address the urgent challenges of climate change by enhancing the energy efficiency across various industries.

Sustainable Intelligence

Our goal is to implement sustainable, intelligent, and future-ready facilities minimise environmental impact and maximises cost savings for our clients.


Step 1

The Data from the Sensors are connected to the Wireless 6LoWPAN node or LAN enabled Outstation Panel that sends the Data to the Gateway.

Step 2

The Gateway will be connected to the CASPIAN software running on Computer System with the ON PREMISE Dashboard System or/and to our CASPIAN cloud.

Step 3

Our CASPIAN Software Gathers Data, Predicts the REAL TIME LOAD and Sends the data to the Wireless Node or Outstation Panel which then sends the Info and Command to the Chillers.

Step 4

Reports and Analytics are done with the Data in the CASPIAN Software on premise or over our Cloud.

Solution Details

Air Compressors

Challenge Statement

Reduce energy usage 


DNZ CASPIAN AI-IoT Energy Optimisation Platform


Our CASPIAN AI + IoT connected smart energy management system delivers a smart on-premise or edge-to-cloud solution that operates securely, automatically 24/7 for Chiller Plants, HVAC DX  air-conditioning, Heat Pumps, etc.

Unique Selling Point

Typically 15-25% energy savings on cooling systems based on 50+ implemented projects

Redefining Greener Practices

Our commitment to decarbonisation extends far and wide, touching various sectors, including real estate and diverse business domains. Whether it's transforming commercial buildings into energy-efficient havens or guiding corporations towards more sustainable operations, our initiatives redefine what it means to embrace greener practices. 


With the Right Technology, Great Things Can Happen

Our DNZ CASPIAN solution offers more than just reactive adjustments. It's equipped with predictive capabilities that anticipate energy consumption trends, enabling you to proactively manage energy loads and prevent unnecessary wastage. By learning from historical usage patterns, weather forecasts, and occupancy trends, our AI system helps you stay one step ahead of energy demands, minimising peak loads and reducing overall consumption.

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